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Question: Is it 5 or 6?

ColorTech Color Blind Test is professionally designed by a team of highly qualified ophthalmologist and color blind expert. Our aim is to turn expensive professional color blind test into free online. So you could enjoy a $899 color blind test for free today !

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Caution: Things you should know before taking ColorTech Color Blind Test

  • Do not take ColorTech color blind test with glasses with colored lenses.
  • Please turn your screen brightness to above average.
  • This is not a perfect performance evaluation tools.

What if i am Color Blind?

Do you know there are approximately 300 millions of color blind world widely. Which is almost same as the entire population of United States. So you shouldn't be worry at all, you are not alone. We are always here for you!

You have probably heard of some color blind glasses brand out there however, you hasn't done any purchase yet because 

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You Know...

Those expensive one doesn't worth that much; 

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Here's where Color Tech Glasses comes in - 

Our ultimate goal is to create color blind glasses that work professionally yet doesn't need to break your bank.

Latest and most advance color blind lenses technology

Hint: Color Blindness are caused by excessive overlapping of cones.

Color Tech lenses 3.0 are aimed to selectively filtered the wavelength of the light and precisely relocate the overlapping cones(major causes of color blindness). The result is positively jaw dropping. Simply put the glasses on — just like that — color is more vivid and everything is more lively.

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