Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shipping and processing time?

What types of color blindness will it work with?

Color Tech Glasses will work with following:

  • Protan (Mild, moderate, strong) 
  • Deutan (Mild, moderate, strong) 
  • Tritan(Mild, moderate, strong)

However, Color Tech Glasses will not work with complete color blindness condition such as monochromacy (only capable to see black, white and grey).

What are the minimum requirement to use Color Tech Glasses?

Color Tech Glasses are engineered to meet different gender needs with different gender and age range. However, we do not recommend kids below 2 years old to use our product.

Will Color Tech Glasses hurt my eyes?

No, unlike other color blind glasses, we are FDA approved. We are utilizing the latest FDA approved Color Blind Lenses Technology which will not hurt and cause any damage to your eyes.

Can I pass color blind test with Color Tech Glasses?

Yes. These glasses will be able to help you to pass Color Blind Test. More than thousands of our customers have emailed us of their successful color blind tests with positive results. However, results may vary for an individual case or a person.

Can I drive with Color Tech Glasses?

Yes, you can use our glasses for driving. However, we recommend that prior to driving, move around in your glasses to determine if it is comfortable enough for you to drive with.

Can I visit your store for pick up?
Our store is located in San Jose, California, however, in store pick-up is not available yet. Please feel free to visit our authorized retailers to try the glasses. 

*87 of our authorized retailers are mostly located in Japan. We are also looking forward to expanding our network in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. If you are also interested in joining our network, please visit Authorized Retailers Application for more information.
What if i am not happy with my purchase?
Customers are protected by our 100 days trial risk free policy and full refund will be issued instantly once request has been forwarded to us. However, we still recommend customers to give it a try for at least a few days before taking a decision to return. Remember, good things always take time!
How does free return policy work?
Color Tech Glasses offers free return for customers who are eligible for 100 days free trial policy. So, customers don’t need to worry about the shipping fee for returning the glasses.

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