How do Color Blind Glasses Work

Experience colors like never before with the latest and most advanced color blind lenses technology.


Color Tech® Lenses 3.0


Experience color like never before with the latest and most advance color blind lenses technology.

Color Tech® Lenses 3.0 

Color Tech® Lenses 3.0 are engineered using the latest and most advanced technology currently existing in industry. Chelsey - Co-founder of Color Tech Glasses, Inc. worked hard with scientist in University of Tokyo and color blind expert from "International Conference on Optics, Lasers & Photonics" to develop theses lenses. These color blind glasses have also been approved by FDA.

Who need these Color Tech Lenses? 

An easy way to determine if Color Tech Glasses will work for a person or not is by checking if a color blind person could see color other than black, white, and shades of grey, if they can, congratulations! Color Tech Glasses will work for you

The differences between normal vision and color blindness

Color Blindness happens due to excessive overlapping between Green and Red color receptors in the eyes which make colors indistinguishable. Just imagine, what if the world you are seeing right now isn’t ALL. This is where the Color Tech’s Blind Glasses can help you.

  • Normal Vision: Every cones are functioning normally and able to perceive all color correctly. 

  • Deuteranomaly (Deutans): The green sensitive cones are not missing but the peak of sensitivity is moving toward red cones. However, the totally missing of green sensitive cones is known as Deuteranopia. 

  • Protanomaly (Protans): The L-cones are not missing but defective. However, the totally missing of L-cones is known as Protanopia.

  • Tritanomaly (Tritans): The S-cones are present but with do exists some kind of mutation. However, the totally missing of S-cones are known as Tritanopia. 

The Technology behind Color Tech® Lenses 3.0

Color Tech lenses 3.0 are aimed to professionally filter the wavelength of the light and precisely relocate the overlapping cones(major causes of color blindness). The result is positively jaw dropping. Simply put the glasses on — just like that — color is more vivid and everything is lively.

Our lenses technology precisely increase contrast between colors like no other glasses do.

Will Color Tech Glasses work for me?

Color Tech Lenses 3.0 is engineered to help color blindness in people and to improve their color vision. These color blindness includes Deuteranomaly, Deuteranopia, Protanomaly, Protanopia, Tritanomaly, and Tritanopia. 

The only type of color blindness that our lenses WILL NOT work with are Rod-Monochromacy, S-cone Monochromacy and Achromatopsia. These color blindness disorders are only able to see black, white and shades of grey.

Meet industry‘s latest technology. 

Time to unlock the Colors!

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